DoPchoice Debuts Lighting Directing Tools for LED Fixtures

(Image credit: DoPchoice)

MUNICH—DoPchoice has introduced new creative tools that can be used with the Rotolight Titan X1 and Velvet Kosmos LED lighting fixtures.

For the Rotolight Titan X1, DoPchoice has created a Snapbag softbox that slides out of its own carry bag, snaps up and mounts directly on the fixture, the company says. The Snapbag is sized at 24x24x13 inches and weighs 1.32 pounds. It features a silver interior for illumination distribution and matching diffusion. The Snapbag can be used with or without the DoPchoice dedicated 40-degree Snapgrid.

Another new tool is the Rabbit Ears mounting system. The Rabbit Ears Mini combined with a dedicated Titan bracket offers compatibility with six DoPchoice softboxes: Octa 3-foot, 5-foot and 7-foot with or without matching grids; Lantern 3-foot and 5-foot; and the Snapbag Medium.

DoPchoice says it offers similar lighting controlling solutions that work with the Titan X2.

For the Kosmos Studio 400 lighting system, DoPchoice has created softeners and shapers to accentuate the light’s spread. This includes a ring-shaped Rabbit Rounder mount for the Kosmos Snapbag that interfaces with the rectangular, instant snap-up Snapbag. DoPchoice’s pyramid baffle is sewn into the center, which enables the interior silver sidewalls to reflect illumination outward for a spot-free, even spread, per DoPchoice.

DoPchoice’s 30-degree and 40-degree Snapgrids are designed for light direction and can be snapped up instantly for their flat bag and positioned in front of the fixture. 

There is also the spherical Lantern for Kosmos, a round softener that comes in 39x39x31 inches and weighs 4.19 pounds. It comes complete with two 90-degree skirts that hook and loop on to control spin, Magic Cloth diffusion and a black bag for transport.

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