Dome Productions Taps Grass Valley for UHD5 Truck IP Infrastructure

(Image credit: Dome Productions)

MONTREAL—Dome Productions  has chosen to outfit UHD5, its latest outside broadcast (OB) truck, with an IP infrastructure, and has selected Grass Valley to provide end-to-end, standards-based IP solutions, Grass Valley shared. 

The OB vehicle, scheduled to go live in Q3 2020, will be capable of producing live shows, including sporting events, concerts and awards shows, in everything from HD to 4K UHD. It also supports high dynamic range (HDR) production.

“Dome Productions has a reputation for being resourceful and adaptable to meet our clients’ needs,” said Mary Ellen Carlyle, senior vice president and general manager, Dome Productions. “Looking ahead, IP will be central to helping us remain agile. The ability to have a true end-to-end IP infrastructure and workflow—from glass to glass—means, with our review complete, we are now prepared to make the leap into IP infrastructure.” 

With Toronto and Montreal locations, Dome Productions is among the largest production facilities providers in North America.

The centerpiece of the new truck’s IP workflow is the GV Orbit dynamic system orchestrator. It provides full system control and configuration, simplifying the deployment of an IP network. From the GV Orbit interface, operators can configure systems and change them on the fly, said Grass Valley.

UHD5 also will rely on Grass Valley IP switching and routing solutions, the MV-821-IP multiviewers and IQUCP25/50 gateways. The move to IP also makes it possible for Dome Productions to support multiple signals on a fiber, allowing more capability in a single truck to be used and eliminating the need to roll a second unit to larger events, the company said.

“Grass Valley is best placed to help us create a dynamic production environment that is robust and flexible enough to handle any challenges without compromising on performance,” said Carlyle.

The OB truck also will rely on a Grass Valley Densite 3+ XIP-3901 modular signal processing platform to deliver multiformat operation and process SDI and IP 4K, 3G and HD at the same time. It also will use the company’s Audio Live router for live multi-stream IP audio.

More information is available on the Grass Valley website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz

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