Digital Nirvana Offers Options for Volicon Observer Migration

(Image credit: Digital Nirvana)


FREMONT, Calif.—Volicon Observer’s days are numbered, as support for the broadcast monitoring and compliance platform will end this June, though no official date has been provided.

In preparation for this shut down, Digital Nirvana has announced it will use its MonitorIQ broadcast monitoring and compliance logging system to help create a migration path for Volicon Observer users.

MonitorIQ enables broadcasters to record, store, monitor, analyze and repurpose content, says Digital Nirvana. It is built on a Linux platform and is extensible into broadcast operations with open APIs. Broadcasters can also gain access to AI-based cloud microservices for closed caption generation, caption quality assessment, caption realignment and video intelligence for objects, ads, logos and facial recognition.

“Broadcasters have a window of opportunity between now and June to make a thoughtful decision about how they will move forward with broadcast monitoring and compliance logging,” said Russell Wise, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Digital Nirvana. “We’ve been very pleased with the number of Volicon users that have already migrated to MonitorIQ. The market seems to understand that we have valuable past experience as well as the forward-looking vision to take them wherever they want to go.”

Digital Nirvana will offer broadcasters a virtual live demo of MonitorIQ’s features, or stop by its booth (SU9505) at the 2020 NAB Show.

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Editor's Note: This story has been updated to correct the fact that Digital Nirvana does not own Volicon Observer.