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DigiMeld unveils SuperStream streaming technology

DigiMeld has launched its DigiMeld SuperStream, a Grid-streaming solution that offers an efficient method of transmitting video over the Internet in real time.

DigiMeld SuperStream is based on the company’s grid-streaming technology, which enables content providers to stream unlimited video channels while conserving bandwidth and minimizing costs.

DigiMeld SuperStream leverages a technique that allows viewers in the DigiMeld grid-streaming network to retrieve, view and share streaming video data simultaneously with other viewers, inside a safe, encrypted network.

DigiMeld’s grid-streaming differs from P2P file sharing, which downloads an entire video file to a viewer’s hard drive, in that DigiMeld only stores a portion of the streamed content in a viewer’s memory during viewing. This slice of video is continuously overwritten by new streams, enhancing efficiency of network bandwidth and increasing copyright protection.

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