Digidesign, Rocket Networks Unveil Secure File Transfer Service

Digidesign and Rocket Network have released DigiDelivery, a product that allows users to securely send any type of file to anyone with an e-mail address. DigiDelivery employs Rocket Network's secure network to "provide a file delivery alternative to FTP, couriers and e-mail." All DigiDeliveries are automatically encrypted. In particular, the system is designed to send Pro Tools sessions.

The companies cite the advantages of using DigiDelivery as speed, security and ease of use. "E-mail servers have size limitations, courier services put you at the mercy of their delivery schedules and FTP transfers can fail and are not always secure," the companies said.

DigiStudio Control 2.6 with DigiDelivery functionality is available to current and new DigiStudio users as a free download. Users pay for the DigiDelivery service per use. Pricing is based on file size and the number of recipients for each delivery.