Deutsche Telecom gathers TV 2.0 pieces for ad-free soccer

Thanks to the newly launched Deutsche Telekom marketing campaign for LIGA total! — Deutsche Telekom’s Entertain network's exclusive Bundesliga soccer service — soccer fans who can’t bear to miss a single play of any game no matter where they are will be able to do catch it all cheaply and on the go. Deutsche Telekom will broadcast all 612 Bundesliga games — with 24 hour access and without breaks for ads — to mobile phones.

This service is primarily available for a low-price, one-month subscription period. But mobile phone subscribers can access LIGA total! for a 24-hour period at a lower price. Deutsche Telekom customers can also follow the games as an HD experience. The mobile offering covers all the data needed to receive the broadcast, guaranteeing no extra charges for the customer.

At the press of a button, subscribers can also call up the entire season’s games or use interactive applications such as calling up a goal or vital piece of action, live tickers and goal statistics.

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