Densitron Multiviewer+ Features Bridge Technologies Monitoring Probes

Denistron Multiviewer +
(Image credit: Bridge Technologies)

OSLO, Norway—Densitron’s new four-unit, rack-mountable Multiviewer+, based on Densitron’s Intelligent Display System (IDS), features support from Bridge Technologies. Multiviewer+ incorporates a Densitron UReady 4RU touchscreen 19-inch monitor and Bridge Technologies’ VB440 monitoring probes using the Widgets API.

The Multiviewer+ unit can control multiple third-party systems for applications like broadcast lighting, camera positioning and signal routing. Its IDS Core software enables allows for the integration of the UReady and VB440 technology. This allows the unit to monitor and analyze high bitrate broadcast media traffic.

The VB440 IP probe is built to comply with SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 media IP requirements, which lets production teams survey all layers of media transportation on an IP network and facilitate quick resolution of potential problems. When integrated into Multiviewer+, VB440 allows the system to display two, three or four comfort monitoring screens in conjunction with various monitoring elements, like waveform or other types of data.

“As pandemic conditions continue and mean smaller deployments for studio-based and outside broadcast projects, we believe that this very powerful, compact and easy to use solution will resonate with production teams everywhere,” said Simon Jones, CEO of Densitron.

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