Denon Professional ships new rack-mount digital recorder

Denon Professional is now shipping its DN-F650R solid-state audio recorder. The new recorder is a digital, solid-state media product that features no moving parts, high reliability and maintenance-free operation under the most challenging conditions.

The DN-F650R implements reliable solid-state media technology as the source medium. This product is able to record and read MP3 files and uncompressed WAV files to and from SD or SDHC cards as well as USB drives, while eliminating the inevitable breakdown of a spinning CD. All of the advanced features that have made Denon Professional famous for reliable recording have been implemented in the DN-F650R, along with many of the company’s professional playback features.

Housed in a compact 1RU enclosure, the DN-F650R has RS-232C and USB keyboard control plus a full host of inputs and outputs, from AES/EBU to balanced XLR I/O. Its playback features also include pitch control (20 to minus 40 percent). An optional RC-F400S Remote Controller is an ergonomically designed, intuitive control unit for instant playback of audio or audio elements and features a large LCD display.