Dejero and Intelsat Partner on Video Transmission Solution

WATERLOO, ONTARIO & LUXEMBOURG—A team up between cloud-managed technology provider Dejero and integrated satellite communications company Intelsat has resulted in a new blended cellular and Ku-band IP system for live TV coverage from remote locations. The new system is known as CellSat.

CellSat uses Dejero’s patented network blending technology to combine cellular connectivity from multiple network carriers with Ku-band IP connectivity provided by Intelsat. In the event that the bandwidth available from cellular connections dip due to network congestion or other factors, CellSat can automatically blend in Ku-band IP satellite connectivity to boost the bandwidth back to the requested level.

CellSat communicates with satellite terminal auto-acquire systems to simplify the satellite connection process. It does not require scheduling satellite time. The system can also allocate satellite bandwidth.

The CellSat system features pre-certified encoding and receiving equipment, network blending software, connectivity services to the CellSat network, cloud management and 24/7 technical support. Most satellite vehicles with existing Ka-band or Ku-band satellite equipment can be upgraded for compatibility with CellSat.

Dejero has made CellSat available to consumers in the U.S. and Canada, with more regions expected to be added in 2018.