Dayang showcases D3-Edit HD8

At IBC2006, Dayang highlighted the multidefinition D3-Edit HD8 AV editor.

The D3-Edit HD8 supports compressed HD and uncompressed video formats, including 8- and 10-bit YUV, MPEG-2-I and DVCPRO HD as well as DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO-50 SD and HDV. It incorporates all the operating modes and most functions of the existing D3-Edit family.

Hybrid editing of HD and SD is also supported. Features include hardware-accelerated real-time 3-D page turn, reshaping, graphic pasting and particle effects based on Flex 3D and Power of X technology.

A complete color-correction toolset provides modes such as primary/secondary/partial color control with integral real-time monitoring vectorscope. Chroma, luma, graphic and title keys are also featured, including precise matte adjustment. Built-in D3-CG graphics enable the production of titles, rolls, sub-titles and animations.

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