DataSavers rescues unrecoverable data

DriveSavers Data Recovery of Novato, CA, prides itself in rescuing lost data from hard drives and other media, including videotape. The causes of data loss can range from common drive failure, corruption, viruses or accidental file deletion, to damage from power surges, flood, smoke or fire.

The company said it could recover data from hard drives, RAID, disk arrays, floppies, CD-ROM, DVD, videotape, iPods and other MP3 players, removable cartridges and digital camera media.

Because every drive and media manufacturer authorizes and recommends DriveSavers, the company said it guaranteed that its data recovery work would not void an original warranty.

DriveSavers’s client list includes Industrial Light and Magic, ABC News and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Notable individuals who have used DriveSavers technology are former president Gerald Ford, Sean Connery, Willie Nelson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Keith Richards.

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