Dalet Shows New Production Tools

Dalet Digital Media Systems USA is launching Dalet Sports Factory, which offers new, fast sports production tools, fully integrated within an enterprise MAM platform. Features include logging, play-by-play highlights and playback, and instant replay with multiple camera angles and slow motion. Media is logged once and immediately available for use in programs and packages.

In the Newsroom, Dalet News Factory fully integrates desktop scripting with video and multimedia tools, providing an intuitive workflow, from ingest through automated playout and multi-platform delivery. A powerful workflow engine automates many tasks and processes. With full media and metadata tracking, the MAM platform manages assets and leverages content.

Dalet Media Life focuses on program preparation, bridging the gap that currently exists between rights/planning systems and many automation/delivery systems. Designed on open IT standards, Dalet exploits the flexibility of metadata and Web Services API to share content, manage programs delivered in multiple languages and integrate third-party systems, such as QC, subtitling and non-linear editing.