Dalet Releases Dalet Xtend for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Software

Levallois-Perret, France –Dalet Digital Media Systems, a provider of media asset management (MAM) software to broadcasters and content providers, announced the first-version release of the Dalet Xtend module for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software. The new product, which provides integration between the Dalet MAM platform and Adobe CS6, was demonstrated at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam.

Kevin Savina, director of product management, Dalet, said that Xtend is not just another way to “export and import exchanges of EDLS between Dalet and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.”

Rather, using the Xtend Panel, CS6 users can connect to the Dalet database to view available content (clips, EDLs, raw videos, sound bytes, etc.). Dalet users can also push material, such as EDLs and clips, directly to the CS6 editor. The finished piece can be exported back to Dalet as a new title or saved against a placeholder. It is also possible to cue review, approval or other processes when saving against a placeholder in Xtend.

According to Simon Williams, director of strategic relations at Adobe, the Dalet Xtend integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 presents the relevant data users need in a single interface and facilitates metadata flows between the systems.

When material is opened into the NLE, the different locators (QC information, sports logs, rights metadata, etc.) are visible to the users. Editors can also add additional metadata as they work. Essential information, such as descriptive locators and usage rights, flows back and forth and is tracked by the Dalet content catalogue. Genealogy metadata linking the editor’s material to the original sources can be preserved and content is referenced throughout, making searches of the content catalogue and archives more efficient.