Dalet Releases Brio Version 3.21 With SMPTE ST 2110 Support

(Image credit: Dalet)

PARIS—Dalet announced the latest release of Brio, its high-density I/O platform, with newly added support for SMPTE ST 2110 to help broadcasters and other media organizations transition from existing SDI workflows to their full IP-based equivalent.

“Unless you are starting from scratch, there is no overnight jump to IP. We find our customers need legacy SDI workflows while they transition to IP. It's a delicate balancing act,” said Jérémy Krein, product manager, Dalet Brio. “The Dalet Brio platform is designed to provide our customers with a practical, flexible and cost-effective solution for transitioning their entire operations to IP environments over time, supporting everything from media management and workflow orchestration to news production and archives.”

Dalet Brio version 3.21, which is now available, supports greater density with more ingest and playout streams, making it easier and faster for companies to migrate operations to IP without disrupting existing SDI workflows, the company said.

Configuring version 3.21 is easy with its broad codec support and approach to managing both IP and SDI. The latest version can be used in production, content management and distribution workflows, either on premise or in the cloud, the company said.

With Brio, content production can be distributed across multiple platforms as well as various internet streams, including SRT, RTMP and NDI, it said.

With support for SMPTE ST 2110 UHD workflows and SDI, Dalet Brio makes it possible to invest in an IP infrastructure at the pace that makes sense for each organization without disrupting ongoing operations, the company said. 

Dalet Brio is “IP-Ready certified” and is part of the official JT-NM Tested program to validate support for ST 2110 and NMOS. The company also has recently joined the SRT Alliance, it said.

On the 2020 roadmap of Brio enhancements are support for AWS cloud workflows, ingest of SRT and RTMP streams for bonded unmanaged IP networks and production of MPEG-DASH on AWS S3 and production MXF, the company said. 

Together the additions will provide remote production teams with end-to-end, cloud-based IP workflows for video contribution directly to the Dalet Brio server, which will make content immediately available in newsrooms for review, editing and playout.

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Phil Kurz

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