Dalet Equips Ooyala Flex Media With New Delivery Tech

(Image credit: Dalet)

PARIS—Dalet’s Ooyala Flex Media Platform has been updated to better meet the needs of global program delivery, while putting a focus on controlling budgets, the company shared in a press release.

The Ooyala platform has added Kubernetes capabilities to scale cloud computing use for proxy creation and file movement to help optimize cloud costs. There are also new multitenant security features and support for a range of mastering formats, including IMF in the cloud.

With the Kubernetes, Ooyala Flex can scale computing power across cloud environments. Users can also set job concurrency quotas and scaling thresholds, designed to help keep a tighter control over cloud costs. There is also added support for cloud archive lifecycle for additional control over management and costs of large archives, says Dalet.

The platform’s new ability to manage and distribute IMF packages eliminates the need to create multiple versions of a content package, per Dalet. The system is designed to enable users to reduce storage space and optimize management of common projects such as programs distributed globally in different languages and non-standard viewing formats required by licensees and OTT services.

The new Ooyala Flex Media platform is now available. For more information, visit www.dalet.com.