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Crystal Vision releases new aspect ratio converter

New from Crystal Vision is the ARC-20MC, a bidirectional digital aspect ratio converter with full AFD support and the ability to change the aspect ratio live on-air without picture disruption.

The ARC-20MC can dynamically select the best conversion based on the Video index, WSS or SMPTE 2016 AFD data in the incoming video. Video index, WSS and SMPTE 2016 AFD data can also be inserted into the output video for use by downstream equipment — either manually or by following the incoming AFD.

ARC-20MC passes all embedded audio, ensuring the audio is delayed by the same amount as the video, removing the need for a separate audio delay.
The 100mm x 266mm ARC-20MC module can be integrated with any Crystal Vision products by fitting in the standard frames, available in 4U, 2U, 1U and desktop box sizes and with up to 12 boards in 2U.