CP Communications Taps MultiDyne for Fiber Transport in RF Production Trucks

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.—Live event production specialist CP Communications has purchased and deployed several VF-9000 bulk fiber transport systems from MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions to reduce configuration difficulties and ensure reliable connections for remote productions.

The company has installed the systems in its HD-11 and HD-21 RF production trucks. With the bulk fiber transport solutions, CP Communications has eliminated problems it formerly encountered with scalability, performance and technical limitations, MultiDyne said.

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With the VF-9000, a variety of new technical services are available, including support for native 3Gbps signal transport on the trucks. The ability to transport 3Gbps is a requirement for the high-profile sports productions CP Communications routinely handles for Fox, NBC and The Golf Channel. The VF-9000 allows CP Communications to accept native 3Gbps camera feeds over RF into its fiber transmission infrastructure. It is also downward compatible for standard HD feeds.

Darren Pae, engineer in charge for CP Communications with the MultiDyne VF-9000.

Darren Pae, engineer in charge for CP Communications with the MultiDyne VF-9000.

A key operational difference from its previous system is the flexibility to hot-swap, add or reduce SFPs to meet specific production requirements. The VF-9000 automatically recognizes SFP module connections as inputs or outputs, by format and by application. The architecture allows CP Communications to have an imbalance of input and outputs based on the needs of each production, instead of being limited to a certain number of each.

In addition to video and Ethernet SFPs, the VF-9000 allows production teams to transport MADI audio as part of the video feeds. With its automatic recognition capabilities, the VF-9000 then transitions to the proper setup upon coming online, eliminating additional configuration steps, MultiDyne said.

The compact 1RU VF-9000 units deliver robust multiplexer features, combining up to 18 signals over one single-mode fiber for efficient, high-density signal transport. As deployed in the trucks, the VF-9000 seamlessly integrates within the complete RF infrastructure, which includes a high-density routing system, mesh technology and wireless cameras and microphones.

It also connects to signal monitoring systems on both trucks, allowing operators to keep an eye on the health and performance of each feed and connection.

Phil Kurz

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