Cox launches TV Connect for iPad

Cox announced this week its new iPad app for customers of both its TV and internet services. Although other companies, such as Time Warner, have been leading the charge in offering tablet solutions to offer live streaming, Cox catches up with a free app that allows viewing of more than 30 live channels.

The customer logs in with his or her Cox account after downloading, and once the account is authenticated with the app, the customer can choose any of the available channels in the app and watch live streaming television. The service is for customers who are part of Cox TV Essential, Cox Preferred, Premier or Ultimate Internet services. Choosing a channel is as easy as clicking, and the screen can go widescreen for maximum video enjoyment.

Cox has stated that this is a first version, not unlike the Time Warner app, and will continue to evolve with new features down the road. This is not the first app Cox has produced — earlier this year it launched Cox Mobile Connect, an app for iPhone and Android that allowed customers to manage their DVR recordings and their telephone services.

Convergence is the key as cable companies discover new ways to bring content to their customers. As more and more streaming apps become available, as well as smart TVs, the organizations want to discourage cutting the cord, and make their programming as accessible as possible.

Cox is taking a first step in making television more convenient for its large subscriber base, and the app will only improve with more features over time. Cox TV Connect can be downloaded in the Apple iTunes store.