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Countryman expands distribution through Shure

As a distributor of Countryman products, Shure has expanded its lineup to include new models and color options of Countryman EarSet and Micro-Lavalier microphones. In addition, Countryman's Type 85 Direct Box will now be available from Shure.

Providing exceptional sound quality and comfort while remaining virtually invisible to the audience, the latest Countryman products being distributed by Shure are sold in configurations offering multiple coverage patterns, skin tone colors and with two types of connectors.

Designed for wireless applications in which concealment is a priority, the WCE6 and WCE6i EarSet microphones are the smallest and lightest in their class. Nearly impossible to detect against a wide variety of skin tones, the microphones are outfitted with a rugged, bendable boom that ensures a custom fit for every user. The all-purpose Countryman WCB6 Micro-Lavalier microphone is just 0.1in thick and is offered is a variety of colors that blend in with clothing and different skin tones.

The last of the Countryman products now available from Shure is the Type 85 Direct Box. Sleek and nearly indestructible, the low-profile device delivers the purest signal possible to the mixing console with no added coloration, distortion or loss of dynamic range.

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