Comrex Rolls Out New LiveShot ENG Product

DEVENS, MASS. Comrex is now shipping its new LiveShot Video IP Codec system, which provides high-quality and low-latency transmission of audio and video via wired and wireless IP data connections.

“Our engineering team has really done an exceptional job of creating a very efficient and highly optimized system for transporting H.264 encoded video and audio over very data-challenging networks,” said Tom Hartnett, Comrex’s technical director. “We have had so many great user experiences come from our beta test sites that it’s really exciting to be able to get LiveShot into the hands of more users that will benefit from this technology.”

The LiveShot Video IP Codec system consists of two components: a small and lightweight camera-mounted unit, and a rackmounted studio device that interfaces with a broadcaster’s plant router or switcher. The two pieces communicate with each other through an IP data connection, which could be provided by telcom 3G or 4G services, or a Wi-Fi link. End-to-end delay through the Comrex system is pegged as low as 200 ms. It also provides data encryption and intrusion security features. Complete specifications are available at

Comrex has been producing products for the radio broadcasting sector for more than 50 years, and the new LiveShot Video IP Codec marks a move by the company to address television broadcasters’ needs.

“Our core customer for the past several decades has been the radio broadcaster,” said Kris Specht, Comrex’s managing director. “It was in response to requests from some of our longtime customers that had worked in radio--and who had subsequently moved over to television--to create a product that would do for TV what our ACCESS IP Audio Codecs have done for radio. LiveShot provides the small form factor, unmatched reliability, high-quality performance and easy operator experience that Comrex customers have come to expect.”

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