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Commentary goes intercom with the Riedel

Riedel Communications has announced its new Artist CCP-1116 commentary control panels at the Broadcast Asia 2011. The CCP-1116 is the next generation commentary unit with integrated intercom functionality for Artist Digital Matrix intercom systems. The unit provides up to two commentary positions with high-quality microphone preamps as well as all the intercom features from the Artist 1100 series intercom panels.

Built in a compact housing and connected via a single Cat 5 or coaxial cable, the CCP-1116 is fast and easy to install. A stand-alone/emergency mode as well as a redundant power supply solution ensures maximum reliability.

The CCP-1116 features a high-quality microphone preamp with 48V phantom power, a +6dBu Limiter and a level meter per commentator. Large on-air and cough/mic mute keys with LED indicators make operation quick and easy, even under difficult lighting conditions. An additional programmable and remote-controllable mono line-input offers a connection point to feed in local playback sources. The monitor mix section features three source level controls plus side-tone and master level controls. All sources are routable for split-ear operation of the commentary headphones.

The intercom section features 16 freely assignable control keys with individual level controls. To allow for two-user operation the control panel keys can be split into two. Following Riedel’s intuitive concept of integrated displays in the panel keys, the 1100 series features the next generation of high-res color OLEDs. With 65,000 colors and a resolution of 140 dpi, these new displays provide excellent readability and are able to show up to eight highly detailed characters, up to 24 x 24 pixels. Definable marker colors for the keys complete the labeling options and provide instant function identification and signalization, e.g. for incoming calls.