Comet Technologies Offers New Software Package for ‘Citizen Journalists’

Comet Technologies has released a new citizen journalism software package that enables viewers’ cell phones to transmit real-time, live streaming video and still photos to broadcast and online media outlets.

Comet’s new citizen journalism software package allows stations to provide software that viewers download directly onto their cell phones, enabling them to transmit live, streaming video into a station’s studio. From there, studio personnel are able to manage multiple video streams and decide what news goes live. The product can also be used in broadcasting news when a camera crew cannot be on the scene.

“With technology, the average citizen has evolved from audience member to journalist, with the power of reporting now in their hands,” said Marv Steigman, chief operating officer at Comet Technologies. “Our package further allows viewers to capture news as it happens and make it immediately available to broadcasters.”

The citizen journalist package is now available.