Cobalt Unveils Two New Distribution Amplifier Models

Cobalt 9910DA-2Q
(Image credit: Cobalt)

CHAMPAIGN, Ill.—Cobalt Digital has announced two new models to its lineup of distribution amplifiers. Part of the 9910DA 3G-RCK 3G/HD/SD/ASI series of openGear cards, the new models are the one-channel 9910DA-1Q and the two-channel 9910DA-2Q. These models were developed in response to customer requests, per Cobalt Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Chris Shaw.

The new single and dual-channel Cobalt multirate distribution amplifiers offer the same features as the quad-channel card, including user enable/disable reclocking abilities and support for SDI and ASI/DVB on all inputs and outputs. 

Channels on all cards in the series can be crosspoint-routed to any of 16 DA outputs. Up to 10 cards can be installed in one frame to provide up to 160 outputs.

The flexible crosspoint, which is user-configurable via DashBoard GUI remote control, allows dual 1x8 or single 1x16 on the 9910DA-2Q-3G-RCK and quad 1x4, dual 1x8 or single 1x16 no the 9910DA-4Q-3G-RCK; other routing possibilities are available as well. Any of the multiple input channels can be distributed or duplicated across four groups of 1x4 DAs, and any of the inputs can be set to use an alternate failover input upon loss of signal.

Cobalt is also offering non-reclocking versions of all three cards: 9910DA-1Q-3G, 9910DA-2Q-3G and 9910DA-4Q-3G.

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