Cobalt Digital shows Compass conversion card

Cobalt Digital showed its new Compass 9061 card — an up-, down- and crossformat converter —at HD World conference in New York City. The card is scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter.

Compass cards for Cobalt Digital’s openGear frame cards can be monitored and configured remotely using the company’s Dashboard software. SNMP is an option.

The new 9061 card has a full featured 12-bit analog to 10-bit serial digital converter, an HD/SD-SDI input and frame sync with tracking audio delay. Full remote and local digital processing controls are included, while user memory allows digital adjustment of gain, DC offset, saturation and hue, and frame sync.

The card features full 24-bit audio with 16 channel embedding and debedding. There’s control for audio mapping and levels, and analog and AES audio inputs and an AES output. Factory presets enable a return to factory settings.

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