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Clear-Com Unveils V-Series Rotary Panels, MADI Card for Eclipse at NAB

Clear-com V-Series Rotary Panels
At the 2012 NAB Show, Clear-Com will unveil a new line of V-Series rotary panels and a new MADI card for its Eclipse digital matrix intercom family. The V-Series rotary panels provide users with optimal control over audio level adjustments while the E-MADI card supplies 64 MADI channels per card from the Eclipse-Median or Omega digital matrix frames to achieve higher levels of connectivity during production.

With the V-Series rotary panels, site technicians and production team members can independently adjust system audio levels from one or more audio sources, including external lines, party lines and intercoms from other local and remote control panels. They also support faster, easier audio mixing for IFB assignments, enabling a more efficient fast-paced broadcast production workflow.

Designed in a 6RU form for Eclipse-Omega and Eclipse-Median, the E-MADI card provides connection with standard MADI devices. It can be configured through Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS) to supply up to 64 full channels of digital 4-wire connectivity per card. E-MADI cards route talent and other incoming feeds across the intercom system for monitoring and IFB insertion.

The 2012 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 14-19. Clear-Com will be at booth C8008.