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Clear-Com to showcase new FreeSpeak version 2.0 at IBC2008

At IBC2008, Clear-Com Communication Systems will show its newly enhanced FreeSpeak version 2.0. FreeSpeak uses digital wireless technology based on a cellular architecture that offers license-free communication and can allow up to 20 beltpacks to roam seamlessly between remote active antennas. The new version doubles the system’s beltpack capacity, increased IFB functionality and improved group operations between beltpacks, party-lines and other external inputs.

The new FreeSpeak system is centered on a programmable 1RU base station that handles all communications for up to 20 digital wireless beltpacks. The system can be controlled from both the front-panel display or remotely via Ethernet-connected PC that runs the configuration software.

Additional new features available in FreeSpeak v2.0 include three configurable IFBs, allowing the user to assign IFB keys to any number of beltpacks. The beltpacks can then be programmed to act as IFB talent receivers or as the originator of the interrupts. New components include the wireless party-line groups, allowing seamless mixng of party-line users, external inputs and beltpack users in the same group without having different output volume levels.

The base station links to the beltpacks by the remote active antennae, which enable users to roam freely throughout the broadcast facility while maintaining consistent communication without signal loss. All transmission takes place in the license-free 1.8GHz-1.9GHz frequency band, which helps eliminate interference with other wireless products such as PCs, talent microphones, IFB and in-ear monitors.

Each wireless beltpack and wired intercom connection on the rear of the base station has its own full-duplex port. The voice communication from each port is sampled, mixed and rerouted throughout the system as desired. Because each wireless beltpack has its own timeslot, it can be individually addressed by the base station, allowing multiple combinations of beltpack-to-beltpack and small-group conversations to be held simultaneously.

Because of trademark limitations, the Clear-Com FreeSpeak system is only available outside the U.S. and Canada, where the system is sold under the company’s CellCom brand.

See Clear-Com at IBC Stand C40a, or visit