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Clear-Com adds new products to IBC lineup

At IBC (stand #9.141), Clear-Com will enhance its portfolio with a suite of new products. This includes the Encore, Tempest 2400, Eclipse V-Series panels and Eclipse Easi-PiCo.

The Encore is Clear-Com’s newest generation of party-line intercom systems, used in broadcast studios and live venues. It offers various updates to the user interface for ease of operation, a new dark blue body illuminated with LED indicators and enhanced audio quality. The system’s new color and lighting design enables users to see and manipulate the panel’s controls more easily in darkened environments.

The Eclipse V-Series panels are designed for the company’s Eclipse Digital Matrix intercom system and include new push-button and lever key variants and a range of full display extension panels. The panel keys allow individual mix level control so that users can set personal audio levels to suit varying workflows. V-Series incorporates digital signal processing and supervisor functionality for centralized control of any remote panel. Listen Again technology allows the user to replay the last 10 seconds of communications.

The new Tempest 2400 license-free, wireless intercom system offers unrestricted mobility and unparalleled ease of communication. Tempest uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum in conjunction with TDMA technology. This versatile traveler operates in the unlicensed 2.4GHz band, so it is unaffected by the reallocation of the UHF spectrum. Clear-Com’s Tempest supports up to 50 full duplex wireless belt packs.

Finally, the new Eclipse Easi-PiCo is a preconfigured entry-level digital matrix intercom system, specifically designed for small and growing production teams in broadcast and live performance venues that demand the flexibility of point-to-point intercommunication on a small scale. This plug-and-play system package includes a modified 16-port matrix frame and external interface cards with a choice of control panels and beltpacks. No software configuration is needed.

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