Civolution, Mikros collaborate for HD watermarking

Mikros image and Civolution have partnered to develop a solution that enables video watermarking of HD 4:4:4 signals.

The Civolution technical team, assisted by Mikros, advanced its NexGuard watermarking algorithm and its implementation for the quality demands of the 4:4:4 HD format. Mikros image is now offering, as part of its professional service product line, the watermarking of content in HD 4:4:4.

In today’s anytime, anywhere delivery and consumption of content, watermarking is becoming an intrinsic part of the content lifecycle. Disseminated throughout the content, the watermark is an efficient deterrent against illicit redistribution of media and allows the identification of the source of a potential leakage — an invaluable security solution for rights holders.

The solution allows media content to be embedded with a robust and imperceptible watermark. The watermark or payload is inserted at the time of duplication and can be applied to any tape format up to HDCAM SR. The watermarked content becomes unique and, therefore, identifiable and traceable.