Ciprico Debuts MediaVault 5116 for Mac OS X

Ciprico has launched its MediaVault 5116 PCI express (PCIe) direct attached storage solution with support for the Mac OS X operating system. It's the second member of the MediaVault 5100 series.

The company unveiled the 5116 at the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco.

With the new desktop or rackmount 16-drive product, video editors have up to 16 TB of storage.

Based on Ciprico's signature RAIDCore technology, the MV5116 will support both SAS and SATA II drives while connecting to the host computer at data rates five times faster than 4 Gbps Fibre Channel solutions. Ciprico calls it an ideal direct attach storage expansion unit for servers such as Apple's Xserve.

"The best solutions are the simplest, and by extending the PCIe bus into the MV5116, an editor working on a Mac Pro will enjoy the greatest bandwidth, 20 Gbps, with the lowest latency at the lowest cost," said Steven Merrifield, president and CEO of Ciprico. "Our MediaVault series has been making a big impact in the rich media production and performance storage expansion industries, and it's only fitting that we help enhance the experience for those using the leading operating system currently available for content creation."

The MediaVault 5100 solutions come with a host interface board (HBA), Ciprico's RAIDCore software installed and all necessary adapters and cables.