ChyronHego Upgrades Camio

MELVILLE, N.Y.—ChyronHego upgraded Camio, its graphic asset management server, with features including the HubDrive file distribution tool and Luci5, an HTML5 update of the company’s modular user interface for newsroom producers. With this release, Camio 4.2.2 brings new capabilities and even greater product integration to the Camio Universe, ChyronHego’s comprehensive, software-based newsroom production ecosystem.

“With Luci5’s simple and clear workflow connecting the newsroom to the art department and the control room, users can focus on writing the news and breaking it first. And HubDrive makes it easier than ever before to manage and distribute graphics assets across a network of playout devices,” said Sören Kjellin, chief technology officer of ChyronHego.

With Luci5, producers are able to browse, create, and order images and video assets from Camio without having to leave the familiar environment of their newsroom computer systems (NRCS). Luci5 enables the creation of reusable graphics, clips, and automated cues. While Luci5 is based on the Media Object Server Protocol’s new HTML5 plugin specification, making it compatible with most current NRCS solutions, the interface also supports some older NRCS via an ActiveX container.

The HTML5-based Luci plugin also enables engineering staff to maintain the deployment. Since Luci5 is a webpage served from Camio, producers will get the latest version of Luci without the need for software upgrades at their workstations.

ChyronHego’s new HubDrive feature in Camio 4.2.2 is a Dropbox-like folder synchronization and file distribution system that empowers art departments to distribute Camio content automatically to a network of playout devices. Via its fast and lightweight client/server architecture, HubDrive automatically installs necessary fonts and ensures that all required files are distributed where they are needed throughout the network. Seamless support for the full range of solutions in the Camio Universe ensures that graphics content is in place when and where it is needed.