ChyronHego Reveals Camio 4.2

MELVILLE, N.Y.—ChyronHego has given a facelift to its Camio graphic asset management technology with the announcement of Camio 4.2. The updated system features a redesign of the Luci modular interface for fulfilment of graphics in newsroom computer systems with tight integration across the ChyronHego product line.

Luci allows users to fulfill templates from any ChyronHego graphics product via its content library, then play out the graphics on the devices or with automation. In addition, Luci has been re-engineered based on HTML5 for more flexible and powerful interfaces on PCs, Mac computers and tablets. Easier sharing and rescue of content within stations or between stations in a workgroup is also available. In addition, directed notifications of any orders, maps, or news graphics that have been delivered and are available, or the ability to view pending orders, is included.

ChryonHego will demonstrate Camio 4.2 and the new Luci interface at IBC 2015, Sept. 11-15.