Chyron XClyps adds control support from Florical AirBoss

Chyron has added another level of third-party controllability of its XClyps multiformat production clip server with Florical Systems’ AirBoss.

XClyps is multiformat production clip server, featuring real-time clip playback in single- or dual-channel video and key. The AirBoss system schedules functions that XClyps performs, such as graphic insertions, to occur at specific times rather than requiring manual control.

With XClyps, video and audio can be ingested in any format via QuickTime files, TARGA sequences, live video input or rendering directly with the Video for Windows codec. Video and key channels can be mixed and matched, with audio added later. The XClyps system is available in an HD/SD-switchable or SD-only configuration.

The ability to combine the power of XClyps with AirBoss automation streamlines workflow requirements.

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