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Chyron Rolls Out Lyric 5.2

Chyron rolled out the next iteration of Lyric, its graphics software for the Chyron Duet line of character generators. Lyric 5.2 combines 2D and 3D animation creation and play-out with update capability; supports Unicode and complex scripting, and displays text in Western, Asian and other various languages. Lyric 5.2 also features a timer that continues running whether or not it is displayed, so that when it is redisplayed, it picks up the count in real time with no need for reset. Another new feature allows movie objects to continue playing even as other animation components are paused. Still another feature allows clips to open either in first frame or in black upon loading.

Additionally, Lyric 5.2 represents the introduction of the Duet HyperX eFX Panel for the Duet HyperX HD/SD graphics system. The eFX Panel features clip record, A/V clip play-out and advanced video mixing within each HD/SD-switchable channel.