Cheetah Technologies enhances V-Factor Stream Probe with MPEG-4 support

Cheetah Technologies has introduced its V-Factor Stream Probe Advanced (VF-SPa) solution, which provides cable system operators with monitoring of both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video streams.

The enhanced VF-SPa platform, version 4.11, has been designed to increase the ability of operators to deliver the highest-quality video experience to every subscriber. The latest release extends the capabilities of Cheetah’s “Intelligent Decode” technology to MPEG-4, and offers event-based monitoring and network topology features that give operators new tools to identify and isolate the origin of video issues quickly.

Introduced for MPEG-2 services earlier this year, Cheetah’s Intelligent Decode technology now enables cable operators to measure MPEG-4 video as it leaves the headend for blockiness, black screen, video freeze and jerkiness.