CES 2017: Mohu AirWave Wireless Antenna Takes Flight

LAS VEGAS—Mohu has released a product with the goal of cord cutters wireless access to live TV and streaming content, the Mohu AirWave. The AirWave is a wireless, OTA and OTT device that integrates live local broadcast TV with free streaming channels on streaming devices.

At launch, AirWave is compatible with Amazon Fire TV and Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, the entire Roku lineup, iOS, Android and the web. The AirWave connects wirelessly to the Mohu TV application, which offers live broadcast content and streaming content in a TV guide format. The device can be set up anywhere where there is an internet connection. It also features ClearPix technology, a pixilation reduction technology that automatically adjusts to improve image reception of OTA broadcasts.

Mohu is planning on launching the AirWave in the late spring, where it will be exclusively available at Best Buy. Retail price will be $149.99.