CBS Partners With Sling

CBS Corp. and Sling Media Inc. have teamed up to allow audiences to share short segments of programming. The new technology called, "Clip+Sling" was demonstrated this week at CES2007 in Las Vegas.

With Clip+Sling, Slingbox owners can clip content directly from live or recorded television and share with others online. The new feature will be built into both the desktop and mobile versions of the SlingPlayer software. The companies said additional details would be announced closer to launch.

"We have always wanted to empower the consumer with our technology," said Blake Krikorian, CEO of Sling Media. "CBS Corporation and Sling Media understands that if you give consumers control in an empowering, content-rich environment then both consumers and media companies can win big."

The companies are performing a beta test of the new technology and the trial will begin sometime in the second quarter of 2007.

"CBS is interested in how new media solutions can help build communities around content," said Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive. "...We think this new capability, if done with consideration for the content owners, is intriguing and worthy of study. That's what we intend to do in this beta test."

The deal is the first for the newly formed Sling Media Entertainment Group, which was created in December.