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CBC Cologne Broadcasting Center builds ingest, playout on Omneon Spectrum HD server

Germany's CBC Cologne Broadcasting Center has installed an Omneon Spectrum HD media server system to support ingest and playout for its RTL HD and VOX HD channels from a new broadcast center in Cologne.

The new Omneon Spectrum SD/HD media server system operates under the control of Abit Showit for ingest and Abit Presentit playout automation.

Material is ingested through CBC's media management systems, a Sony cart machine, and either DigiBeta VTRs or HDCAM SR VTRs controlled by Abit automation. Up to eight channels are ingested (50Mb/s IMX or 50Mb/s XDCAM HD422) with concurrent QC in parallel to the Spectrum system.

The Spectrum system's MXF format support facilitated integration with CBC's IT-based IBM archive system. As a result, once recorded material is confirmed on the Omneon media server, it is transferred to the archive and a low-resolution browse copy of the media is created to give staff fast, easy access via VPMS/Smart MAM system.