BTX offers Belden FiberExpress Brilliance field-installable connectors for fiber-optic networks

BTX Technologies, a global value-added distributor and manufacturer of interface and integration products, has added Belden FiberExpress Brilliance field-installable connectors to its product lineup. To save installers time and money in the field, the FiberExpress connectors offer reliable terminations in less than 5s without the need for termination tools.

With FiberExpress Brilliance connectors, all it takes is three simple steps to field terminate a fiber: Once the tight-buffered fiber is prepared for installation, insert the fiber into the connector; slide the connector's activator tab toward the fiber to be terminated to bring about the splice crimp; and slide the boot on the connector body.

Because Belden's fiber termination process is so simple, all installers need is fiber preparation tools; there are no proprietary tools to purchase. To make the fiber preparation step even easier, Belden has also developed a number of optional preparation installation kits, which range from a very basic connecting kit to a precision fiber preparation and cleaving kit.

With FiberExpress Brilliance connectors, installation planning and setup times are greatly reduced, as is the cost of training. The simple installation process removes installation inconsistencies, and each connector can be reterminated up to five times, allowing installers to improve termination yields, which translates to lower material costs and connector waste. And using an external laser light source, such as a visual fault locator, checking the fiber installation for proper termination is easy.