Broadcast Interactive Media launches MediaStar 3.0

Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) has launched MediaStar 3.0, a management tool that enables broadcasters to oversee station program schedules through a cohesive interface. With advanced report-generating capabilities, MediaStar 3.0 enables broadcasters to streamline productivity and eliminate redundant, time-consuming data-entry processes.

TitanTV, acquired by BIM in early 2010, has been developing the new management software over the past two years. The Web-based system was designed as a solution for the numerous broadcasters feeling pressure to increase station efficiency while simultaneously losing staff. MediaStar 3.0 addresses and resolves conflicts arising from the June 2009 DTV transition, including the addition of multiple substations.

MediaStar 3.0 was officially launched in November 2010 at Gray Television stations WCTV-TV, WCTV2, WSWG-TV, WSWG2 and WSWG3. BIM continues to migrate current MediaStar 2.0 clients to the new 3.0 version, transferring over program schedules and conducting one-on-one training on the new system interface.