Brightline Upgrades Studio Lights for Portland Community Center

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa.—The Open Signal: Portland Community Center in Portland, Ore., completed an upgrade to its 2,000-square-foot facility this past July that saw the installation of 30 Brightline L1.2 SeriesONE LED fixtures.

Open Signal is a PEG organization that produces programming for five cable channels reaching 400,000 homes in the Portland area. The facility produces about 20 shows a week between its two studios.

With its previous lighting setup creating fan noise that was impacting productions, per Open Signal’s media services manager Noah Dorsey, Open Signal tapped Brightline’s 5600K L1.2 lights, which are controlled through a DMX console. The soft-light capability of the fixtures provides versatility for producers. The lights also easily work with Studio A’s chromakey cyc.

“We love them,” said Dorsey. “They live up to the name ‘Brightline’—they’re super bright.”