Brainstorm Launches InfinitySet 4 for Virtual Production

(Image credit: Brainstorm)

NEW YORK—Brainstorm is set to make the new InfinitySet 4, a virtual studio and AR platform, available to consumers following a virtual showcase as part of the company’s Virtual Week from May 11-15, coinciding with the NAB Show Express (May 13-14).

The new InfinitySet 4 boasts new features designed around enhancing content creation and output. This includes tighter integration and control of Unreal Engine, as well as additional features like simultaneous renders, multiple outputs and additional hardware support for Unreal Engine workflows.

One of these new features is Layers, which is designed to create simultaneous multiple independent renders through a single workstation. Layers enables the delivery of several outputs from a single instance or the combination of several outputs in a single one. Updates to the unit’s rendering features have also been applied.

Another upgrade to the InfinitySet 4 is in the management and compatibility with the Unreal Engine, Brainstorm says. The system now features an Unreal-native behavior, so users can achieve what Unreal Engines provide, in a workflow fully integrated into Unreal. This provides Brainstorm’s experience in areas like broadcast and film graphics, virtual set and augmented reality production.

There is also the Unreal Engine Control, a new module that directly controls Unreal Engine from InfinitySet’s own interface for a live production-oriented control interface. Unreal Engine Control can directly control blueprints, objects and properties in the UE project. Unreal Engine Control can also transfer any input to Unreal to be used as a texture. The module is able to provide compatibility for video hardware devices not available in Unreal Engine.

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