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Bluetooth audio testing gets faster, easier through Prism

Prism Sound will launch of a complete audio test system for Bluetooth devices in January. The firm’s dScope Series III audio analyzer now supports audio streaming directly between test system and Bluetooth devices, enabling real-time, closed-loop testing.

Until now, testing Bluetooth devices required a range of analog, digital, electronic and electroacoustic audio test equipment, plus software-based signal generation and analysis tools. This cumbersome method did not easily translate to automated manufacturing or verification testing environments.

The dScope Series III test system integrates analog, digital (S/PDIF and I2S), electronic, electroacoustic and Bluetooth measurement capabilities in a single instrument, eliminating the need for time-consuming signal generation and analysis in external software. With dScope Series III, Bluetooth audio development, compliance testing and manufacturing is now faster and easier.

Prism Sound’s dScope Series III instrument includes precision automatic gain-ranging, which allows high-resolution analog measurements over a range from a few microvolts to more than 150V RMS, and from less than 1Hz to more than 90kHz. Its dedicated hardware interface uses DSP to provide a wide range of real-time measurements, while its software exploits the host PC for number crunching and analysis options such as fast Fourier transforms, Smart FFT soft instruments, swept sine and multitone testing. The dScope Series III can be automated from a wide range of third-party software applications using Active X controls or internally using VBScript.