Bitcentral Raises the Curtain on Latest News Production Solution

Bitcentral demonstrated an upgrade to its Precis News Production System. Precis 4.0 enhancements include raw media management, format-agnostic play-out and remote contribution.

Precis 4.0 upgrades file-based workflows with the integration of Matrox Video Product Group’s X.mio SD/HD video I/O card and hardware engine. The X.mio enables the Precis 4.0 to keep acquired video files in a native format throughout the production process while archiving news content in compressed formats for instant retrieval.

The solution includes a “proxy editor” interface and is fully integrated with Grass Valley Edius and Sony Vegas nonlinear editing systems. The Precis 4.0 also works with other NLE systems like Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

The Precis 4.0 demonstration featured a format agnostic HD/SD four-channel play-out, independent control of each channel, plus an embedded clip-store functioning separate from channels controlled by rundown. Precis 4.0 showed enhanced MOS integration. Bitcentral further demonstrated an ENPS workstation with embedded Precis video objects and intuitive status displays for producers and writers.

The Precis system demoed used a Maximum Throughput Sledgehammer, a fast network-attached storage device

“A station may be SD or HD; shoot with virtually any camera on the market; feed video from any mobile source; manage all materials with multiple users on any platform; edit materials with most editing software; while not having to worry about transcoding,” said Fred Fourcher, Bitcentral president and CEO. “The overall result is a workflow second-to-none in efficiency, speed and utmost flexibility.”