Bitcentral introduces Précis 4.0

At NAB2008 last week, Bitcentral unveiled its Précis 4.0 end-to-end digital newsroom solution.

The latest version of Précis includes a major change to its browser-based user interface. Précis 4.0 displays significant enhancements to raw media management, format-agnostic playout and remote contribution.

Précis 4.0 integrates Matrox Video Product Group's X.mio SD/HD video I/O card and hardware engine into the overall Précis solution. The new hardware lets Précis keep acquired video files in a native format throughout the production process while archiving news content in efficient compressed formats for instant retrieval.

Précis 4.0 includes a proxy editor interface reducing the need for stand-alone nonlinear editing software. Precis also is fully integrated with Grass Valley EDIUS and Sony Vegas but works with other nonlinear editing systems, such as Final Cut Pro.

The product supports format-agnostic HD/SD four-channel playout with individual configuration and independent control of each channel and offers enhanced MOS integration.

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