Beyerdynamic presents new Touring Gear mic series

German audio specialist beyerdynamic has unveiled its new Touring Gear microphone series, a complete product range of more than 25 different microphones for live performance. The Touring Gear series showcases a new uniform and elegant design, top specifications and a clear, easy to understand classification system.

“The new TG microphone series is the next step in our fireworks of innovation of the past years,” says Wolfgang Luckhardt, beyerdynamic managing director. “A self-explanatory, logical product structure was the starting point of our considerations. But beyond that, we have made our Sound-Channeling Technology a true unique selling proposition. Sound-Channeling Technology is responsible for that special ‘beyerdynamic sound’ — as clear and natural as in real life.”

Acoustic labyrinths with special geometries provide optimized sound channeling by influencing the sound and modeling the polar pattern using precisely tuned delay lines and attenuation pads.

The Beyer Touring Gear series consists of four mic lines: the T30, T50, T70 and T90. The mics range from basic the T30 for small budgets to the top-of-the-line T90 models designed to handle demanding stage requirements. All of the Touring Gear mics feature Sound-Channeling Technology to ensure a consistent, quality live microphone series.