Beyerdynamic adds custom design option for M 88 microphone

Beyerdynamic has added the ability to create and design custom versions of its classic microphone, the M88. The program, M(y) 88, was launched at the recent NAMM Show. To create a custom microphone, customers visit a dedicated Web site to explore and select among the options.

At the site, four basic design templates are available, within which users can compose their personal microphone designs from a selection of materials, colors and options. Options include personalized engraving, leather handles, custom color rings and the ability to use one’s voice print to create the physical shape of the handle. To do this, select one of the four base models, click the “configure now” button and select from a menu of options. After the creation is decided and the transaction is complete, the manufacturing process begins. Each custom microphone is handcrafted at the company's manufacturing center in Heilbronn, Germany. When complete and tested, the creation is shipped via priority transport.