Belden Announces New Digital Cable Configurations

Belden CDT Electronics Division said it is now offering its "Brilliance" type 1855A and 1505A cables in "banana peel" configurations.

The product can now be supplied in bundles of either three, five, or six cables, with jackets bonded for easy cable pulls and installation. Once the bundle is pulled, individual coaxes can be peeled away from the center spline of the "bunch" and directed as needed within an equipment rack, console, or other destination.

The new supply configuration promises to lower labor costs, as there is no need to prep for a multicable pull by taping individual cables together beforehand. Also, as the bundle size is reduced with the new product, smaller conduits can be used for a given cable run.

In applications where timed cables are required, the new configuration ensures that delay differences are held to less than 5.0 ns per 100 feet, eliminating the need to use a vectorscope or TDR to match and trim individual cable lengths.

The new cable configurations are officially known as "Banana Peel Precision Video Snake Cables" and are 100 percent sweep tested to 4.5 GHz before shipment.