Baron Services enhances Omni weather platform with volumetric radar imaging

Baron Services has added volumetric radar imaging as a new capability in its Omni weather platform. This enables users to view storms in three dimensions, similar to a CAT scan or MRI. Often used for storm interrogation and hail detection, volumetric radar imaging takes all available radar elevation scans and creates a 3-D illustration of the storm, which displays storm features such as high reflectivity returns, updrafts, downdrafts, hail cores and rotation in precise detail.

When used in conjunction with dual-polarization radar, volumetric radar imaging enables stations to see an even higher level of storm detail, including the 3-D representation of hydrometeors like rain, sleet or snow in the atmosphere by altitude.

The volumetric radar imaging feature not only shows hail cores, but also it accurately displays storm boil-up and the spawning of funnel clouds, improving stations’ ability to more accurately cover local severe weather events. By dropping the lowest reflectivity levels from the display, users can identify specific storm characteristics in crystal-clear HD and can alert viewers frequently as the weather system develops.

Omni’s blend of 3-D terrain and superimposed mapping results in a relevant, accurate, localized picture of the weather as it is actually occurring. The weather platform also contains patented HD data products, aerial mapping, nationwide and worldwide topography, ocean depth mapping, political boundaries, and an earth halo effect in a renderless environment.