AXON expands Synapse Dolby processing range

The new modules support Dolby Digital Plus for 7.1 surround sound
AXON has expanded its modular audio processing range to add multistream Dolby Digital Plus processing

AXON’s modular infrastructure and communications system Synapse has been enhanced with the release of the DDP14 and DDP84 multistream Dolby Digital Plus encoders. The DDP84 also includes a Dolby E decoder. The processing power of the DDP14/84 supports simultaneous encoding of four individual stereo channels (languages) to four Dolby Digital (Plus) 2.0 streams.

AXON is one of the first companies to use Dolby Labs’ next generation of digital transmission and optical formats. The advantage of Dolby Digital Plus is a channel count of up to 7.1 (13.1 in the future) and bit rates of about 50 percent of normal Dolby Digital. An important application is the transcoding of normal Dolby Digital to Dolby Digital Plus for cable headends. The DDP84 includes a Dolby E decoder, which enables the decoding of Dolby E and encoding of that into Dolby Digital Plus with only one Synapse card.

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