Avocent adds KVM, USB matrix switching to Emerge products

Avocent unveiled digital KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) as well as USB matrix switching for the Emerge ECMS4000 extender and Emerge DM2000 desktop manager products at NAB2008.

The Emerge family of products now offers switching and extension of audio, digital video, mass storage and USB human interfaces for use within HD video edit suites, allowing strategic placement of workstations.

These digital KVM matrix switching products allow valuable equipment to be secured in the machine room where it is kept cool and clean and is secure from physical interference and unwanted software downloads. Based on a GigE switching fabric, computer resources can be accessed on-demand by engineers, designers and support personnel. Graphics and sound editors are able to interact with edit systems within the critical viewing and listening environment of their edit suites, while support engineers have direct management access to systems from their desks.

The Avocent Emerge DM2000 desktop manager provides centralized management and control of Emerge ECMS4000 extender transmitters and receivers, allowing them to serve as endpoints of a managed A/V infrastructure.

For more information, visit www.avocent.com.